Multilingual Therapists Are Highly Valued and Sought After in Germany

More and more people have adopted the mindset “My country is the world”. In search of a job vacancy or a different lifestyle they decide to move abroad. Some emigrants want to start afresh while others want to continue in the same direction but earn much more money.

The immigration statistics in countries like Germany is indicative of this new reality. The population is a multicultural blend. Of 10.8 million people living in Baden-Württemberg, nearly three million are immigrants - about 27 percent.

The implications of this trend are numerous. The immigrants strive to adapt and integrate into the new environment but the connection goes both ways - immigrants change the environment. The accepting country of this huge wave of newcomers encounters issues it has never faced before. A specific one is treating patients who don’t know well the official language of the country. The demand for foreign doctors in Germany is on the rise.

A good example is the need to find bilingual or multilingual psychotherapists who can provide effective consultations to the immigrants seeking therapy. According to the German Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists, one in five immigrants do not speak German well enough to be able to complete a psychotherapeutic treatment successfully.

In Germany some employers have found a partial solution to the problem by hiring interpreters but the therapy process requires such a level of intimacy which cannot be achieved when there is a third person in the room. This means that multilingual specialists are highly valued. The medical recruitment has caught up with the trend and language skills are a major determinant factor for hiring a medical specialist.

Foreign physicians and psychotherapists who see the great opportunity in this situation to be useful to the people needing their help and to develop professionally can rely on consultancies like Forum der Medizin to find the best possible workplace matching their skills and values. Moving abroad can be a smooth and relatively easy transition when you can draw upon the knowledge and experience of competent consultants.

Author: Mariya Dim

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