Your career development as a medical specialist abroad depends on your labour rights awareness

The professional growth of specialists in different fields is determined by several factors: their good educational background, finding the most suitable workplace and position according to their qualifications and personal qualities and last but not least - their labour rights awareness so that they can defend themselves in case of a labour rights violation.

When doctors move abroad, the third factor becomes particularly important since the work rules for the medical jobs are different from the ones in doctors’ native country. Medical specialists should be well informed regarding their labour rights when they start working in a German hospital and when they leave their job.  

The hierarchical level of the position of newly hired foreign doctors in Germany has to correspond to their qualifications and skills. Foreign medical trainees who are employed by a hospital in Germany have to be provided with the necessary training.

When doctors leave their job, they receive a certificate of their qualifications which contains information about their professional skills and all the procedures they have conducted in their job.

Employers are also required to provide a worker who is leaving the job with a document giving information about their personal characteristics. It is an assessment of employee’s abilities to work in a team, their attitude toward their job and the patients, etc. The text is encoded and workers often cannot be sure whether their assessment is positive or negative. Different variations of the text mean different things and correspond to a certain mark according to a five point marking system.

Since the opportunity to find a new job in the desired hospital depends to a great extent on the personal characteristics document received from former employers, it is very important for doctors to seek the services of a consultancy like Forum der Medizin, specialized in providing assistance to doctors and students in Medicine.

Consultants are competent in decoding assessments and doctors can rely on them to learn what mark they have been given. In case they disagree with the mark, workers have the right to put in a claim to the Court for changing their personal characteristics assessment. This should be done within 2 weeks of receiving their assessment from the former employer.

Practice shows that in 100% of the cases, characteristics are changed in workers’ favour. It is considered that the most valuable thing for a person is their ability to do their job and putting obstacles in their professional development is avoided whenever possible.

 That is why being aware of your labour rights is of great significance. Seeking the services of a consultancy will help you steer away from career traps and enhance your chance to make the most out of your job experience abroad.

Author: Mariya Dim

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