The Syrian doctor who won the support of companies and institutions and realized his dream to work in Germany

It is said that miracles happen in life. Reality shows that people with extraordinary luck are those people who are well prepared, highly motivated and able to be patient. They go in the desired direction, make the necessary efforts, believe in themselves and win people’s trust thanks to their personal qualities. Lucky people are usually those who see opportunities and doors which remain unnoticed by others. 

The real story of a Syrian doctor is a confirmation of this truth. He had moved from Syria to Bulgaria with his family but his dream was to work in Germany. The doctor decided to seek the help of the consultancy Forum der Medizin to find a good job in the country he had chosen.

A German clinic approved his application and he submitted the necessary documents for receiving a work visa. Due to a mistake of the authorities he got a German passport. Once it had been issued, the document couldn’t be annulled. The doctor moved to Germany with his family but the authorities started making attempts to correct their mistake. They wanted to make him leave the country. 

His extraordinary professional and personal qualities were highly appreciated by the director of the German clinic and she decided to do her best to help him. The clinic paid for his German language training and the rent of his apartment. 

The consultancy Forum der Medizin also supported him greatly. They paid his transport expenses and offered him free consultations regarding legal matters and his integration in the country. The consultancy helped the family of the doctor by finding a job for his wife too. 

In the end, even the government institution responsible for issuing work permits for medical specialists changed their formal attitude toward the case of the Syrian doctor and looked at his problems from a humane point of view. The officials were able to see the respect the director of the clinic felt for the doctor and his perseverance to ensure a better life for his family after leaving Syria, which has been a war torn country for years.

The efforts of all supporters of the Syrian doctor were successful and what seemed impossible in the beginning became reality – he received a legal permit to stay in the country. The story of the Syrian doctor is just one of the many examples of the significance of personal qualities for a good professional development. It also proves that friendship is beyond nationality.