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Forum Der Medizin
Forum Der Medizin
Forum Der Medizin
Forum Der Medizin
Forum Der Medizin



For physicians
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In collaboration with renowned German partners, we provide our clients with:

  • personal approach
  • analysis of your personal qualifications and professional goals
  • personal consultation
  • information for the successful launch and integration of foreign doctors on the active European labor market
  • selection of appropriate opportunities for language training and improvement
  • personal language training program based on flexibility and individual approach that helps foreign doctors receive approbation promptly.
  • Playmaking of exemplary German  job interviews with the help of our psychologist to harness the stress which often leads to poor performance.
  • support in the preparation of documents for the launch of private practice
  • legal advice in conflict situations with employer or landlord and in other controversial moments
  • legal advisory for taxation and insurance.

We help you save time, hassle, and make the process of finding your desired job easy. We will also protect you in case of conflict.