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The term "Medical Center" (MVZ) was introduced in 2003 in Germany as an organizational and legal form which provides outpatient medical care.

Unlike traditional medical practices, where there is a limit for the number of doctors, employed on a fixed-time basis, in medical centers there is no such restriction.

The medical center is similar to a medical practice. The difference is that in medical centers patients conclude a direct treatment contract with the center, instead of signing a treatment contract with the doctor.

The idea of the medical center is to provide patient care through structured collaboration of several medical specialties. This complies with the following  principles:

• Healthcare centers can be managed by doctors or other professionals who have a contract with health insurance funds. If  there are physicians with different specialities (eg. Family doctors and psychotherapists), the management can be collaborative.

• In the medical center doctors can be employed on a temporary basis and / or on a permanent contract.

• The medical center is a cooperative form of business, which specializes in providing healthcare services to people. Competitiveness is an important factor in the globalizing healthcare sector of nowadays.

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